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Connect all of the tools you already use and enjoy seamless synchronisation across platforms. Cheaper and faster than a custom software build, and scalable as you grow.

"Fantastic to work with and have provided services that save our team hundreds of hours per year."

Lachlan Smith

FSC Group

An example connection: Hubspot to monday, sharepoint, xero, stripe, notion, mailchimp, and zoom

Seamless automation, cross-platform synchronisation.

Modern business means lots of software. Email somewhere, project management somewhere else. Tickets on one system, timesheets on another. It’s inefficient, but it doesn’t need to be.

Using tools like Make, Power Automate, and Zapier, Workhorse gives your software the boring jobs so you can focus on value creation.

1,000+ Flows Automated
100,000 Users Connected
An example connection: Hubspot to monday, sharepoint, xero, stripe, notion, mailchimp, and zoom

Cheaper and faster than a custom software build, and scalable as you grow.

You’re already using platforms like Monday, Notion, Microsoft 365 and Hubspot. Why reinvent the wheel with an expensive, custom-built app?

Using secure no-code automation tools, we connect all the platforms you’re already on. No matter the size of your business or the number of services you use, we sync them all so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Getting started is just like your dream workflow: easy and seamless.

Sign up and choose your plan

Subscribe and access your dedicated workspace.

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Tell us what would make your job easier

Create tickets to tell us what you want to achieve, the apps you use and how you use them.

Get your automations

We’ll build your custom automations and give you regular updates along the way.

Watch it run

We’ll iterate on your workflow until it’s just how you like it and monitor it going forward.

Stats from an InStrand case study: 10k+ billable hours tracked monthly, 300+ projects under management, 50+ invoices generated per month
Impact from just one project.

We've saved businesses hours days weeks

We’ve helped businesses from different industries build sales pipelines, reporting dashboards, customer portals, and more. Check out our case studies to see some builds in action.

Simple pricing with no surprises.

Pay a flat monthly fee for the time we’re engaged with your build. When we’re done, we can say goodbye or move you to one of our ongoing support plans. No cost blowouts, no unexpected charges.

Any System, Any Connection

Simple workflows or large-scale enterprise automations—connect every app you use to supercharge your business.

Custom Solutions

Automation unlocks new capabilities within your business. Tell us what you want and our expert team will make it a reality.

24/7 Support

Our support plans let us keep an eye on your systems with real-time updates and alerts. Read more in the FAQ.

For startups and enterprises wanting to optimise their workflows
Unlimited workflow automation
Patching or rebooting of any monitored app or workflow
Unlimited data syncing and migration
Dedicated service desk
Unlimited requests and revisions
Client Portal and Knowledge Base
Unlimited team members
Pause or cancel at anytime
Documentation for what we build

Still got questions?

Check out the FAQ for more information. If you’re still stuck, reach out and we’ll help get you underway.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our business automations and ongoing support.

Is it really unlimited requests?

Yes! Once subscribed to the Evolve package, you can add as many requests as you like and they will be worked on one at a time.

How long does a build take?

That depends! As a guide: simple workflows can be done in days, basic systems in a month, more complex ones in a few months. You’ll be updated on progress multiple times a week.

If you’d like to add more requests after we start, we’ll keep you up to date on timelines. And with our flat-fee model, projections take a few taps in the calculator.

If you’re not sure where your project sits, book a call and we’ll help you plan it out.

Can we build a whole system or project?

Absolutely! On the Evolve plan you can undertake a full project. Scale and complexity will determine the number of requests and timeline, but our focus is on delivering you an MVP—fast.

How do I request work to be done?

Subscribed customers are given access to a Trello board—the home of your requests and support tickets. Simply create a new card from our template and provide any supporting documentation. Screen recordings (e.g. Loom) can greatly assist.

What if I only have one request?

No problem. We suggest booking a chat to discuss. We'll be able to give you an idea on how long your request might take. You can always cancel your subscription and reactivate it when you need more done.

What happens after I subscribe?

We’ll send you a welcome email with your onboarding pack. This will include access to your workspace. Once in, you can start adding build requests.

What happens after my requests are done?

The Evolve plan has you covered while you’re building, but once you’re out of requests we can part ways or move you to a cheaper plan. Check out the question on ongoing support for more information.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Absolutely! We value long-term partnerships with our clients and offer tiered ongoing support. Our Care package keeps us plugged into your systems, allowing us to keep an eye on everything and jump in if needed.

Care includes:

  • Unlimited monitoring and alerts, delivered to us and to you where you need them
  • Patching or rebooting of any monitored app or workflow
  • A line to our dedicated service desk
  • Ongoing access to our client portal and knowledge base

Care starts at $300 per month for 5 workflows, with tiered pricing that scales with your business. No lock-ins or minimum commitments: you can cancel at any time.

Note that patching only applies to existing workflows—if you’d like to add new workflows, or if your vendor releases a major change to their API structure, let us know and we can move you back to Evolve at any time.