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Case Studies

Scaling Service Delivery with Automation



Exhaustive efforts to productize services overshadowed by cumbersome overheads.

Project initiation bogged down by extensive kick-off processes.

Project outcomes demanded disproportionate managerial oversight.

Prohibitive costs and limitations of Hubspot automations hamper flexibility.


Comprehensive system and task setups triggered by Hubspot wins, ensuring project readiness.

Detailed Xero invoices generated, aligning accounts with project scopes.

Targeted notifications, fostering team alignment and awareness, and enhancing coordination.

Elevated data management practices that transition seamlessly from Dropbox to SharePoint.


4 hours

saved per project manager per week

60 projects
automated annually
7k tasks
set up for deals each year


Monday.com, Hubspot, Xero, Microsoft365 Power Platform, Power Automate, Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams
"Working with the Workhorse team has been instrumental in automating and consolidating our processes and systems. We've gained valuable time back to focus on high-value work through various stages of work and tasks being streamlined. I'd recommend Workhorse to any business looking to save time, money and labour through the automation of workflows and synchronisation of data."

Ben Roulston, COO, Thinka

Streamlining Onboarding with Automation



Manual onboarding unsuitable for rapid growth.

Multiple systems need manual setup for each employee.

Delays in asset ordering due to manual processes.

Inconsistent pre-commencement communication and fragmented employee data.


Digitised and automated onboarding, centralising data.

Analysed and streamlined existing processes for early new hire engagement.

Simplified and fast-tracked system setups, ensuring employee and manager readiness.

Enabled complete remote execution of onboarding.



Reduction in new employee onboarding effort

Reduced Risk
For Compliance Errors
Systems availability for new employees


Slack, BambooHR, Harvest, Xero, MS Outlook, MS365, Microsoft Azure, Power Automate, Make
"The team at Workhorse were fantastic to work with and have provided services that save our team hundreds of hours per year. Can't wait to work on the next project together."

Lachlan Smith, Managing Director, FSC

Transforming Manufacturing Communications

Kingfield Galvanising


High volume manufacturing process with significant manual process to support it.

Coordination between factory team, office team and customers had high overhead and large information loss.

Misalignment between material and documentation supplied by customers and parts go missing. Costly to find and delays caused.


Customer communication platform with project and order monitoring & auto-notifications.

Creation of a Projects and Pickup Request concept to better assist with customer communication.

Transaction-like order updates to ensure consistency of information and correct delivery across orders, factory staff and office staff.



Monthly Orders Seamlessly Managed

Instances of Data Loss, Unlocking New Insights
New Paths
To apply to other plant operations


Sharepoint, Twilio, PostMark, Power Automate, Bubble
“What sets Ryan and the Workhorse team apart is their excellent problem-solving skills, and professional and high-level communication and systems. Their innovative thinking and proactive approach have provided our business a platform to streamline business processes and significantly enhance overall efficiency.”

Frank Lelli, GM, Kingfield Galvanizing

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